Plastering and skimming

In older properties where walls may have been neglected and deteriorated with old age, or in cases where wall paper has been painted over and over, to obtain a good finish will need additional work and our plasterers will undertake to make your walls good with the minimum of mess and fuss, time well spent and without doubt rewarded by finish.

Care and attention

We respect that we enter and work in your home not always an empty or new property. You can be confident that we will be careful, any items of furniture, fixed or free standing that may be at risk of damage will be moved or covered, paying attention at all times to the environment and surroundings that we work in.

It is easy to forget that the simplest of wrong moves can result in an accident, our work ethic is focused on care and you will see that we cover to be cautious, to avoid damage and disappointment. Leaving us free to concentrate on doing a job well without incident and distraction.


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