We provide decorating and painting services and once again you will find our approach is very much focussed on preparation and care to achieve the highest standards. If you are only looking for a quick brighten up then maybe we are not the team for you; however if you are looking for a finish that others will notice, we can assure you that this is often what our clients tell us when we next return to work for them.

It may take us a few days longer, it may be inconvenient, decorating will be messy, but we will leave your walls looking good and your woodwork so smooth that you will just want to keep running your hands over it!

Preparation again foremost in our approach particularly for outside work, it is not just a case of a quick rub over, undercoat and gloss, this approach often leaves properties looking not much better within only a couple of years. These days painting products have advanced and whist old school decorators will confirm that some paints may not be as hard wearing as they used to be, modern day technology has seen a huge advance in Synthetic products and associated wood treatment products, when applied correctly and systematically you can expect to achieve a finish that will last year’s and even make painting easier and quicker next time round.

We will be pleased to offer advice on any painting work that you may be considering and we will tell you about the different process now available to you. This is of particular interest to home owners on the coast where the salt, sea air and wind will be most destructive.

Care and attention

We respect that we enter and work in your home not always an empty or new property. You can be confident that we will be careful, any items of furniture, fixed or free standing that may be at risk of damage will be moved or covered, paying attention at all times to the environment and surroundings that we work in.

It is easy to forget that the simplest of wrong moves can result in an accident, our work ethic is focused on care and you will see that we cover to be cautious, to avoid damage and disappointment. Leaving us free to concentrate on doing a job well without incident and distraction.

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